Top 10 Foods To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women

Top 10 Foods To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women

One of the central causes, why people experience hair loss, is because of poor nutrition. Proper eating habits have fallen by the wayside over the last two decades as quick and easy food has been more appealing to the average consumer. While it may be easy to put a hot pocket in the microwave instead of making a healthy meal with salad, it is also taxing on your body. Poor nutrition leads to lack of nutrients and hormonal imbalances which ultimately result in the loss of hair.

Nutrition plays a very vital role in hair care. The hair follicles which are in a rapid growth phase are vigorous and healthy compared to those who are in the resting stage. A constant flow of right nutritional building blocks is essential for hair follicles to mature and produce healthy hair fiber. The follicles acquire their nutrition from the blood. A balanced diet which has the critical vitamin supplements, proteins and mineral and health supplements can produce natural nutritional supplements to the hair follicles.

The best foods To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women are foods we all know crucial to health. Unfortunately, genes are the leading factor in selecting our type and thickness of hair, its color, the age when we go gray or bald, and how fast this occurs. Normally, by the time we develop concerns about hair development, it is irreversible, but the correct diet could still assist in further growth. This is not a scientific fact, but indications show a distinct link between diet and hair.

The dietary causes of baldness appear to be different in different individuals. In men, this loss relates to high testosterone hormone levels. These increase with a high intake of meat and fat so the best diet for people is low-fat. In women, the cause seems linked to a sluggish gastrointestinal tract, so increasing active acidophilus cultures (found in good yogurt) is best for women. The best foods To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women are fresh vegetables, fruits, whole-grain cereals, and legumes; these also improve digestion.

Green vegetables are among the top sources of vitamins A and C To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women. These are fundamental to the production of sebum, an oily hair conditioner naturally produced by the scalp. Dark-green vegetables are particularly rich sources of these nutrients, iron, and calcium. Eat raw spinach in moderation; it is better consumed in sizable portions only if cooked.

Pulses and legumes are packed with protein, iron, biotin and zinc To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women. Biotin deficiencies can cause brittle hair. Zinc is an essential building-block of protein-based hair-structure. ‘At least three cups a week of this group’ is a theme in most successful diets. Combining wholegrain rice with this food group makes the protein more accessible during digestion.

Affordable protein is abundant in chickpeas; one of the leading sources of vitamin B-6 and zinc. Zinc helps prevent dandruff when taken in combination with vitamin A. Roast beef has a similar balance of nutrients.

Another high-protein source To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women is almonds; are rich in iron and Vitamin E. Apparently, eating almonds helps to reduce cholesterol.

Whole wheat is high in fiber, iron, and silica To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women. Without silica, the body cannot absorb many minerals and vitamins.

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Crushed oats is an excellent source of fiber, iron, magnesium and potassium To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women .

Fatty fish is rich in protein, iron and the omega-3 fatty acids so critical to scalp health. Salmon is the best fish because of its high vitamin B-12 content. Flaxseed is a vegetarian alternative – the essential omega-3 fats are best gained by consuming a tablespoon or two daily if it is freshly-ground,all these help To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women.

The ‘super-group’ yields the best nutrients To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women. Spirulina, chlorella, the berry family, broccoli sprouts, fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic and the entire buffet of herbs and spices form this ‘food group.’

Vitamin C assists the body’s iron absorption and collagen development. Sun-rays on your body – ten minutes at a time, in an early morning or the evening – enable the body to create the vital brain-nutrient; Vitamin D. Skip the toxins in the sun barrier cream.

So it should be obvious that it is quite easy to get Foods To Grow Healthy Natural Hair for Women if you follow the right tips and techniques. It will require the proper care of your mane and the most important thing to keep in mind is to nourish and protect your hair in the best way possible. If you do make use of these simple tips you will grow natural hair in no time.

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