How To Fix Thinning Hair: 7 Hair Loss Solutions

Hair thinning is something that as much as 30 percent of women may experience in some time in their life. Thick hair is something that directly resembles to youth while thinning hair will eventually make you feel older, feeble and aged, and that’s something we would never want you to feel. Here, in this article, we have discussed some tips to fix your thinning hair.


Get loads of beauty nutrients:

First of all, your hair needs protein to grow long and thick. But our body prioritizes other bodily functions over our hair and supplies the nutrients there first. So you would need to make sure that you provide your body with enough nutrients so that your hair gets its fair share as well. Try wild salmon, trout and tuna to fight brittle and dry hair. Foods which are rich in Vitamin B help keeping hair follicles healthy, so you would need to take them on a good count.


Manage stress:

Too much stress increases Cortisol level, which will contribute heavily in shedding your hair. So, stay away from stress. If your work is stressful, try some meditation along with some regular exercises and maintain a pretty regular sleep schedule to fight off all the stress.

How To Fix Thinning Hair

Taking care of scalp:

Make sure that your scalp is always hydrated, nourished and healthy as it is your scalp which provides blood supply to your hair follicles. Take Vitamin E rich foods, as almonds and walnuts which are great in providing a good circulation in your scalp.

Trying biotin supplements:

Biotin supplements like Vitamin H and Vitamin B Complex improves brittle nails and thinning hair. So, you would need to have a healthy dose of them daily to keep your hair from thinning.


Check the hormone levels regularly:

Generally thinning of hair refers to a progressive reduction in diameter and length of your hair. And change in different hormone levels effect it pretty much. However, ovarian cysts, pregnancy, physical or emotional shock, medications etc can all affect your hormone levels which will eventually turn into losing or thinning of the hair.


Trying a brand new style:

If you are looking for some fast and effective way to mask your thinning hair, you should start trying some new hairstyle. Get your hair colored as light generally reflects more from lighter hair. This actually will provide greater contrast between your thinning hair and the scalp, concealing the thinning of your hair to people around you. Moreover, if you trim your hair regularly, it will help in preventing hair breakage.


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