Best Hair Growth Treatment For Women: How To Regrow Your Hair Quickly

best hair growth treatment for women
All women take great pride in their crowning glory – the hair. In fact, the quality, style, and shine of the hair significantly affect the overall impact of a person. This explains the fact that women of all ages, religion, culture and political background have no qualms about spending money on hair products to have that lustrous mane. But what if you are faced with the possibility of excessive hair loss, or worse, baldness? Unthinkable? Well, it is an all too real threat that should be given attention and consideration.

Unlike men, women are less prone to baldness. But this does not guarantee that females can rest easy. In fact, more and more women have been afflicted with this condition. The main difference is, women tend to lose hair in numerous areas and not like men that are concentrated in certain areas, making it more prominent and evident. So when you are experiencing unusually heavy loss of hair, better take actions. There are some treatments for hair loss that are readily available in the market. But the main challenge is in finding one that best works for you. So what are the options that one can have when it comes to treatments for hair loss? Remember, what may work among men may not necessarily yield the same effect on you. Here are some of the proven and tested possible treatments for hair loss on women.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Minoxidil was first introduced in the form of the pill to treat high blood pressure, and it was later found to have an unusual side effect, hair growth. As a result, local solutions is now made available to allow users to directly apply it to hair loss affected areas for both men and women, in particular for those with diffuse androgenetic alopecia or pattern alopecia. FDA, however, recommends using 2% solution since higher concentrations have not been approved for women.

Spironolactone (Aldactone)

This is often referred to as water pills as it is a potassium-sparing diuretic. This means, when taken, the drug minimizes the fluid in the body without causing the possible loss of potassium. This medication works in two ways, it significantly slows down the androgen production and at the same time prevents the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from combining with the androgenic receptor.

Cimetidine (Tagamet)

The third one on the list is the Tagament, which belongs to be histamine blocker class, and was initially used to treat gastrointestinal ulcers. The drug is known to prevent the stomach from producing excessive amounts of acid effectively and allows the ulcer to heal usually. However, it has also been found to have a powerful anti-androgenic effect. Men are not advised to take this medication as it has some feminizing effect.

Hair Loss Black Book

Found in natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables, these nutritious elements typically include vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin B12, niacin, iodine, folic acid, and biotin. Improper hair care always results in rough, dried and damaged hair. If not treated on time, it may also lead to some serious hair diseases including hair fall, baldness or infection. The most serious problem with hair is that it turns gray or white at any age. This may be an age factor, inherited tendency or family heredity. Whatever the reasons may be, gray, white or damaged hair adds ugliness to your personality.

On the contrary, natural, healthy, shiny and bouncy hair takes your character to the next level. This is why people look more conscious about their hair. Women from all age groups usually love having long hair lengthening from shoulder to waist. Having long and healthy hair requires timely maintenance and substantial care. In the market today, some cosmetic products and hairdressing tools are available to help you treat your hair.

The rapidly changing fashion trends have changed our hair styles too. When talking about hair grooming, it is not just limited to making different hair styles. Instead, it involves nourishing, straightening, curling or cutting hair. Among men and women alike, having shiny, natural and bouncy hair is a popular trend. Over the past few decades, cosmetic products have been in great demand all across the world. These products are used to enhance the appearance of the human body. They may be a mix of chemical compounds, natural herbs or synthetic ingredients. Cosmetics include skin-care creams, powders, lotions, lipsticks, perfumes, nail polish, hair colors, shampoos, conditioners, gels, baby products, oils and many types of products.

For years, hair loss or baldness has been a common problem for women. An average hair fall may be caused by either unbalanced diet or improper care. But, hair falls more than normal indicates that your hair is lacking nutritious elements. In the modern time, visiting a salon or using cosmetic products is a habitual trend. The intended purpose of both is to groom your personality.

There is nothing to fuss about if you are not getting the desired result despite visiting salons or using cosmetic products. You can purchase fast hair growth products to make your hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. Formulated using appropriate ingredients, the offered oil is a hair supplement that moisturizes your hair, increase its fertility and repairs damaged or dried hair. Highly efficient, this oil nourishes your hair from root to top thereby promoting its shine and growth.

Other hair loss treatments include food supplements containing minerals and vitamins for thick, rich hair growth. If you already are using a particular shampoo or conditioner, get a serum for your hair. This leaves it polished and smoother. Hair fortifying substances and anti- hair loss systems has been generated for people suffering from baldness.

Now that you have more idea on the top three treatments for hair loss for women than make sure you take immediate action before you lose a better part of your hair.


All these treatments and ingredients are potential in promoting hair growth however they take longer duration. Of course, losing hair didn’t happen overnight. So, expecting hair growth overnight is also not possible. And for immediate results, one can opt for Expensive surgical procedures and treatments.

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